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The school has instituted various awards for the students in academics, games and sports in the form of medals, trophies, cups and certificates to constantly encourage the students’ to deliver the best. At MGPSSS academic studies are enriched by a range of short excursions and residential trips. Throughout the school year, there are many exciting opportunities for our students to participate in cultural, sporting and departmental field trips. We believe that our programme of trips and excursions provides the opportunity for our students to bring to life what they are studying in the classroom and to benefit socially by sharing these exciting experiences with their peers whilst working together.

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Principal Message

  • Mrs.Varundeep Kaur Walia Principal

    Nurturing our students in a positive community where they learn to take responsibility of their own learning and behavior has been the school’s endeavour. We encouraged children to appreciate the virtues of collaboration, to faster habits or responsibility and self-discipline and to promote initiative, endeavour and the exercise of individual judgment. We project the school as the servant of the community and to accept appropriate share of responsibility of equipping each child to final his/her own niche in his/her occupation and in the society. Dear Parents & Students, our primary mission is to nurture a garden of faith, hope and love in each child’s soul, heart and mind. Though spiritual growth and academic excellence, parents and teachers become co-creators in revealing the face of God in every child. Once again, I thank the parents for trusting us.

Chairperson Message

  • Mr. Bikramjit Singh Walia Chairperson

    The purpose of education, as we see, is to develop inquisitive minds. It needs to encourage fertilization of ideas so as to build a strong education sector which delivers globally. "An educational institution stands for humanism, for tolerance, for reason, for the adventure of ideas in search of truth. It stands for onward march of the human race towards even higher objectives"-Jawaharlal Nehru. This ideology is our guiding inspiration and we endeavor to promote the principles of national integration, keeping a scientific approach to the problems and to facilitate the students and staff with latest academic programmes. The MGPSSS community is committed to contribute a spectacular record of achievement, overcoming the limitations, as we are committed to realize our highest aspirations. Our goal is to create an effective learning environment for which we continue to strive unstoppable. With best wishes,

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